Peter Englisch

Peter Englisch
Global Leader, Family Business
Center of Excellence

Carving the white space

for entrepreneurial success

Join the new EY NextGen Academy, our unique and exclusive one-week training event designed for young successors in family businesses!

In a world full of opportunities, you might have to find a balance between your own interests and ideas, and the expectations of your family. Regardless of whether you are planning specific projects for your entrepreneurial future or want to widen your personal network of international young entrepreneurs, we will help you to explore your interests, accelerate your potential and encourage you to make a difference as a visionary leader. Become part of our EY NextGen Club, an international network of 350 young entrepreneurs from 50 different countries, composed exclusively of those who have completed an EY NextGen Academy.

As head of the EY Family Business Center of Excellence, the EY NextGen Academy is very close to my heart. Seeing young people from family businesses grow during the course of the week is a privilege. I am delighted to present to you our concept for 2015.

Peter Englisch